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Chief Chad Leger recognizes outstanding performances and accomplishments performed by the police officers of Scott Police Department.

These actions exceed the scope of normal duties and are commended.

Scott Police Department

Medal of Valor

The highest award presented by the Department.  The Medal of Valor shall be awarded to an employee for exceptional bravery above and beyond the call of duty where there is risk of life or serious bodily injury.  It may be granted posthumously.  This medal may only be presented when the above criteria have been met.  Therefore, in some calendar years, there may not be a qualifying nomination.

Scott Police Department

Purple Heart

The 2nd highest award presented by Scott Police Department. Awarded to an officer who sustains an injury while engaged in activities which are above and beyond the normal course of duty. The event shall be viewed as an incident which places the officer’s life in jeopardy


Caleb Legé           May 4, 2007

Scott Police Department

Medal of Merit

This award shall recognize sustained, exemplary performance by an employee beyond the realm of what would normally be expected of a fully competent employee and that reflects credit on the employee and the Department.


Byron Romero              May 19, 2004

      Dion Bearb            February 26, 2005

    Larry Isadore         February 26, 2005

  Caleb Legé                 May 4, 2007

Scott Police Department

Life Saving Award

The Lifesaving Award shall recognize an officer whose actions were instrumental in saving a human life. Criteria shall be that the victim would have perished had the officer not intervened.


            Gary Nezat                   March 14, 2010     

    Chris Taylor                  March 1, 2018

 Daryous Portalis             March 1, 2018

      Juan Leger                   March 1, 2018

      Gary Nezat                    August 7, 2020

     Elliot Bougeois               August 9, 2020

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