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Scott Police Department

Scott PD Kid's Karf front

Card Front

Kids Kard

Scott PD Kid's Kard back

Card Back

Chief Chad Leger and the Scott Police Department would like to introduce the Scott Police Department Kids Kard.

The Department of Justice states that on average, nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year.

When such an incident occurs and parents need to report the situation to police, information is gathered and entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and disbursed to agencies nation wide.

The purpose of this card is to have most of that information provided on a single card to preserve valuable time.

Scott Police Department will provide the citizens of Scott with 2 cards containing their child's information. Keep 1 card with you and on outings, give the other card to your child just in case an incident occurs where your child may be separated from his/her parent. The child can then provide the card to authorities to make contact with their parent.

This card can also be used as a form of identification when traveling or other situations when identification is needed.

Parents can contact Lt. Hayden Godeaux at Scott Police Department for additional details or make an appointment at 337-889-5106 or email

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