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Each year, Chief Chad Leger names one officer as the Scott Police Department Officer of the Year.

Candidates are chosen from officers that have displayed an exemplary performance during the commission of their duties.

Recipients of this award have gone above and beyond the call of duty making the City of Scott a safer place to live and work for the citizens within. 






POFC Cody Savoie

Traffic Enforcement Officer

2021 Officer of the Year

Officer Cody Savoie came to the Scott Police Department in January of 2016 and has been with the Scott Police Department for 5 years. Officer Savoie has served both as a patrol officer and a School Resource Officer assigned to Acadiana High School. He is currently assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Unit and works as Scott PD’s only certified car seat safety technician.

Cody is known throughout the Department as a dedicated husband, to his wife Keely, and father, to his children Cash, Vada, and Miles. His actions while working at Scott Police Department have earned him several departmental commendations and he was even honored by local radio station BIG 102.1. He was selected by BIG 102.1 for, among other things, his kind treatment of students as an SRO.

Officer Savoie, despite being a young officer, never hesitates to take a leadership role in tense situations. During one such situation, Officer Savoie was first to arrive at the scene of a shooting. After quickly forming an entry team, he led them into the building where the shooting had occurred and ensured the scene was safe. A veteran supervisor with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office praised Officer Savoie for his tactical mindset and command decision making.

Officer Savoie is a “jack of all trades” within Scott Police Department and is constantly referred to as one of our go-to guys. Whether he is functioning in his assigned role to keep our streets safe by curbing poor driving habits or volunteering to assist his fellow officers when we are short-staffed on patrol, he is always ready to work. He is so dedicated to his craft, he made a total of 847 traffic stops in 2020. Cody is the first to volunteer for extra duties and sees them through with a smile.

The Scott Police Department and the citizens of our great city are fortunate to have officers like Cody Savoie on our side. Officer Savoie exemplifies the Scott Police Department motto of: “ An Honor to Serve, A Duty to Protect”.


Officer of the Year 

Past Winners

2023 ~ Gary Nezat 

2022 ~ Stephanie Stelly

2021 ~ Cody Savoie

2020 ~ Chris Taylor

2019 ~ Joseph Celestine

2018 ~ Caleb Legé

2017 ~   Dylan Istre

2016 ~ Juan Leger

2015 ~ Larry Isadore

2014 ~ Brun Lavergne

2013 ~ Hayden Godeaux

2012 ~ Orlando Calhoun

2011 ~ Caleb Legé

2010 ~ Gary Nezat

2009 ~ Larry Isadore

2008 ~ John Shea

2007 ~ Dion Bearb

2006 ~ Mark Venable

2005 ~ Byron Romero

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