Each year, Chief Chad Leger names one officer as the Scott Police Department Officer of the Year.

Candidates are chosen from officers that have displayed an exemplary performance during the commission of their duties.

Recipients of this award have gone above and beyond the call of duty making the City of Scott a safer place to live and work for the citizens within. 

POFC Joseph Celetine



POFC Joseph Celestine

School Resource Officer

2019 Officer of the Year

Officer Joseph Celestine began his law enforcement career with Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office in November 2007. He then joined Scott Police Department in March 2014. Since then he has served as a patrolman and School Resource Officer for Scott Middle School, Acadiana High School, and presently at Westside Elementary.

On the morning of September 4, 2018, Officer Celestine reported for duty at Westside Elementary. While assisting the duty teachers and administration with the buses coming in and dropping off the young students for the day, Officer Celestine overheard yelling on a residential street next to the school campus. Shortly after, Officer Celestine heard several gunshots coming from the same area. Immediately, Officer Celestine began sheltering the children, enlisting the assistance from teachers in the area, and placed the school on lockdown.

Officer Celestine then began making his way on foot towards the area in which the gunshots were heard. He then requested additional units to respond to the area to investigate. While doing so, Officer Celestine observed the suspect vehicle traveling down the roadway, fleeing the scene. Officer Celestine was able to advise the make, model, number of occupants, and direction of travel of the suspect vehicle as responding units were rapid in their response. The patrol units responding were able to locate the suspect vehicle still traveling a short distance from the school.

In short, responding officers were led on a short pursuit, ultimately resulting in the apprehension of the suspect. The victim in the incident receive non-life threatening gunshot wounds and was treated at a local hospital. After deemed safe, the school lockdown was terminated and the students were able to continue with their day. There were no injuries or additional incidents on campus resulting from this call.

Shootings on or near a school campus is a “worse-case scenario” for any agency. Officer Celestine’s quick thinking and reverting to basic School Resource Officer training allowed for a potential critical incident to be a minor disruption in the daily lives of the students and faculty of Westside Elementary.

Officer Joseph Celestine is an asset to Scott Police Department, the City of Scott, Westside Elementary, and the Lafayette Parish School System. Chief Chad Leger and the Scott Police Department commend Officer Celestine for his bravery, calmness, and essential decision-making skills during a high-pressure incident.


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