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The main responsibility of the Scott Police Department Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is to review preliminary investigations conducted by Patrol Officers and continue the investigation if warranted. CID is also on call for any major incidents that occur within the city of Scott to assist the Patrol Division or assume control of an investigation.


Scott Police Department’s Investigator is responsible for investigating:



•Crimes Against Persons

•Property Crimes


•Sex Crimes

•White Collar Crimes

•Narcotics Investigations

•Juvenile Crimes

•Missing Persons

During an investigation, a Detective may perform a number of jobs such as:


•Evidence Collection

•Keep Detailed Records

•Prepare Reports

•Perform Surveillance

•Interview Witnesses

•Prepare and Initiate Arrest/Search Warrants

•Interview Suspects

•Courtroom Testimony

•Affect an Arrest

The Scott Police Department Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is a section of the Special Operations Division supervised by

Lt. Brooks Benoit

Detective Brian Louviere

Criminal Investigations

(337) 889-5105

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