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Scott Police Department

Elderly Services

Chief Chad Leger initiated the Elderly Services Program during his first term in office. The program is designed for our citizens, age 60 and over, to have a direct contact at the Police Department, that they know by name, to help them feel more comfortable with requesting police assistance or guidance to other programs that may fit their needs.

In addition, our agency will assist in educating citizens in fraud protection, crime prevention, special needs services, and participation in our "Just Checking On You" Program.


Scott Police Department Clerks Stephanie Stelly and Tina Landry accepts applications for services and obtain vital information that may also be used in times of crisis. Our clerks then set up a call schedule and make regular contact with our citizens to check on their well-being.



If you or someone you know wish to become part of this program, please contact Stephanie or Tina at Scott Police Department or you may download a copy of the application by clicking here.


Stephanie Stelly

Department Records Clerk/Elderly Services


Tina Landry

Department Records Clerk/Elderly Services

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